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10 Best Tudor Watches You Can Buy in 2024

Discover Bezel's selection of the top 10 best Tudor watches in 2024. Featuring the most popular Tudor watch models for unmatched style and precision.


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January 26, 2024


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Anyone interested in pre-owned Tudor watches probably already knows about this venerable brand’s longstanding association with Rolex. Established by Rolex’s founder and president, Hans Wilsdorf, to provide exceptional luxury watches at a more affordable price point, Tudor has been a sister brand to Rolex since its inception in 1926. Sharing a wealth of technologies and manufacturing processes in common, both Rolex and Tudor have outstanding reputations for exceptional craftsmanship, precision, performance, and design.

If you are looking for the best Tudor watches, you have come to the right place! If you want to know which of these is the absolute best Tudor watch, the answer will depend on your specific wants, needs, and expectations. Although people certainly love all the timepieces listed below, it is important to remember that the right Tudor watch isn’t necessarily the most popular Tudor watch.

In 2024, the top Tudor models to consider include:

Read on for a brief overview of each Tudor watch listed above.

Tudor Black Bay

Probably the most popular watch collection in the history of the Tudor brand, the Tudor Black Bay has grown into a diverse and expensive line since its inception in 2012. Taking a “neo-vintage” design approach, Tudor has constantly pushed the Black Bay forward while remaining true to the fundamentals that have made this watch a classic. With its water-resistant cases and highly legible dials, the Black Bay line pays homage to the celebrated Tudor dive watchers of the 1950s and 1960s. 

Thanks to its waterproof screw-down crowns, divers can take the average Black Bay watch as deep as 200 meters underwater. Beyond its dive-friendly oversize and luminescent markers, defining features of the Black Bay line include a domed crystal and dial, a unidirectional rotatable bezel for elapsed time tracking, and hands tipped with iconic “snowflake” shapes. In terms of mechanics, the Black Bay is driven by Tudor’s proprietary, in-house calibre MT5601 automatic movement.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze

From its unidirectional bezel to its water resistance up to 200 meters, the Tudor Black Bay Bronze shares much in common with the standard Tudor Black Bay. However, the Black Bay Bronze line made a tremendous aesthetic splash when it launched in 2016 as a distinct offshoot of the successful Black Bay. 

This watch model truly sets itself apart with its anti-corrosive case of pure bronze, which is available on no other Tudor model. As it is exposed to air and moisture over time, this bronze case develops its own one-of-a-kind patina for a truly distinctive and personalized look. Depending on its age and amount of wear, a pre-owned Tudor Black Bay Bronze is likely to display this patina already. This watch also stands apart from its Black Bay predecessor in terms of available dial colors. Ape to Gentleman particularly admires the highly subtle slate-grey dial, which offers “a nice point of difference from the usual black.”

Tudor Black Bay Chronograph

Launched in 1970, the Tudor Black Bay Chronograph marks a notable divergence from the main Black Bay series. Commonly referred to as the "Chrono," this distinctive collection is celebrated for its integrated chronograph functionality. The initial models of the Black Bay Chronograph, featuring a dual-register layout, underwent significant enhancements in their movement systems with the 1971 releases. These early versions were encased in 39-millimeter frames, but the line is now recognized for its more substantial 41-millimeter case sizes. 

The 2019 Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Steel & Gold model stands out for its unique blend of contemporary and retro elements, reflecting a stylish reinterpretation of 1980s design trends. This model has garnered attention for its exceptional craftsmanship and attractive pricing, making it a standout choice for watch enthusiasts.

Tudor Pelagos

The Black Bay line, in all its iterations, is part of a rich tradition of dive watch manufacturing at Tudor, which dates back to the revolutionary Submariner models of the early 1950s. Introduced in 2012, the Tudor Pelagos has taken the company’s affiliations with professional and recreational scuba diving to a whole new level. Thanks to its advanced waterproofing and pressure-defying design, the Pelagos is water-resistant up to 500 meters.

In addition to its impressive water-resistance and duration-keeping unidirectional bezel, the Tudor Pelagos serves divers well with high-contrast dials that are easy to read underwater. All in all, the Pelagos lives up to its name, a derivation of the Ancient Greek word for open or deep sea.

Tudor Ranger

Dedicated to a different type of adventurer, the Tudor Ranger trades the depths of the ocean for the summits of arctic mountains. In fact, Tudor created the Ranger to honor a specific team of 30 men who completed a now legendary scientific mission to the frozen wastelands of Greenland. Called the British North Greenland Expedition (BNGE), this mission led to significant advancements in fields that range from glaciology to meteorology. 

Tudor re-released the Ranger line in 2022 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of this monumental achievement of man against nature. This watch reflects the Oyster Prince watches that were worn by the members of BNGE during their historic mission. It also harkens back to the design qualities of the very first Tudor Ranger releases of the 1960s. In terms of functionality, the Ranger serves as an exceptional tool watch thanks to its robust construction, stainless steel case, high legibility, and reliable Calibre MT5402 movement.

Tudor Heritage

As reflected in the top three watches on this list, the highly popular Black Bay line has spawned a number of Tudor brand offshoots, including the Black Bay Bronze and the Black Bay Chrono. Well, there is also a beloved sub-series that permeates Black Bay as well as other iconic Tudor lines. Reflecting its dedication to vintage design cues, this sub-series is known as Tudor Heritage.

In addition to offering classic takes on the traditional Black Bay and Black Bay Chrono, it also contains the Heritage Ranger and the Heritage Advisor. Beneath its vintage aesthetic elements, each Tudor Heritage model features modern movements powered by state-of-the-art technology. This sub-series also commonly incorporates the latest in advanced raw materials and manufacturing methods.

Tudor 1926

Perhaps unsurprising for a timepiece manufacturer with such a long and storied history, many of Tudor’s finest and most popular watches pay homage to the iconic models of its past. This holds as true for the Heritage sub-series as it does for the Black Bay and the Pelagos. But no Tudor line reaches farther into the past with more success than the Tudor 1926

Named after the year of Tudor’s inception, the 1926 has an exceedingly clean and elegantly straightforward design that reflects the impeccable style of Tudor’s very first watches. As sophisticated as it is timeless, the 1926 line emphasizes the essential characteristics that wristwatch aficionados have come to love about the Tudor collection as a whole, from its beautifully simple dial indices that mix Arabic numerals and hour markers to its highly precise Swiss-made automatic movements. The Tudor 1926 is available in four different case sizes and a broad spectrum of dial colorways.

Tudor Royal

You don’t name a watch line Royal if you don’t want to tout its extremely high quality. Fortunately, the Tudor Royal line comes in a sleek 28-millimeter case size and a dominant 41-millimeter case size, as well as 34-millimeter and 38-millimeter case sizes in between. The higher-end models often have dials that incorporate diamonds and/or mother-of-pearl. 

Tudor Style

Equally popular among men and women, the Tudor Style line comes in a sleek 28-millimeter case size and a dominant 41-millimeter case size, as well as 34-millimeter and 38-millimeter case sizes in between. The higher-end models often have dials that incorporate diamonds and/or mother-of-pearl. 

To augment both the depth of color and texture of the dials in the Style line, Tudor often subjects them to a fine lacquer or radial polishing process. Tudor-style bezels are composed either of stainless steel or yellow gold. All Tudor Style models feature a date display near the “3 o'clock” mark and will remain water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Tudor North Flag

As it did for its Ranger line, Tudor drew inspiration from the classic Oyster Prince during the development of its North Flag line in the mid-2010s. Like both the Ranger and the Pelagos, the Tudor North Flag blends the latest modern technology with retro design elements to serve as a handy tool watch as well as a symbol of impeccable luxury. 

The strikingly angular case of the Tudor North Flag lends this watch a decidedly sporty appearance. It often features a date window and also functions as a chronometer that has been fully certified through the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. But perhaps the most notable characteristic of the Tudor North Flag is its movement. The first timepiece movement that Tudor developed entirely in-house, this caliber MT5621 movement features an impressive power reserve of 70 hours. The standard Tudor North Flag model will include a power reserve indicator on the side of its case.

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