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In the Press: How Bezel is Revolutionizing the Luxury Watch Industry with Authenticity

Since Bezel's launch, we've been fortunate enough to have caught the attention of a number of different press outlets, each shining a light on a different facet of Bezel's unique approach to buying and selling luxury watches. To learn more about how Bezel is revolutionizing the luxury watch industry with authenticity, refer to this list of articles and podcasts.


Team Bezel

April 24, 2023


15 min read

Since Bezel's launch, we've been fortunate enough to have caught the attention of a number of different press outlets including Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and more – each shining a light on a different facet of Bezel's unique approach to buying and selling luxury watches.

To learn more about how Bezel is revolutionizing the luxury watch industry with authenticity, refer to the list of articles and podcasts below.


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Rolex Reseller Bezel Raises Cash From Michael Ovitz, Kevin Hart and More

"Launched in 2022, Bezel is taking aim at established watch resale platforms including Chrono24, BobsWatches, and eBay, seeking a slice of the $20 billion secondary watch market amid a collecting boom driven by US buyers" - Andy Hoffman.

To learn more about Bezel's unique approach to watch trading, as well as its star-studded investors, click here.

Wall Street Journal

"Breaking news and analysis from the U.S. and around the world at Politics, Economics, Markets, Life & Arts, and in-depth reporting."

Need a Social-Media Detox? Start With an Analog Watch

"More women are using old-school timepieces, not phones or smartwatches, to check the hour. Some are emulating Rihanna. Others see it as self-care. Could taking your wrist offline lead to inner peace?" - Fiorella Valdesolo.

To learn more about analog watches, as well as Bezel's approach to curating and authenticating them, click here.

Your Rolex Suddenly Might Be Worth Less Than You Think

"The watch resale market, where prices for hyped timepieces skyrocketed to record figures in recent years, is floating back down to earth" - Jacob Gallagher.

To learn more about the current state of the watch market, as well as Bezel's commitment to educating watch buyers, click here.

Air Mail

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Bezel Watch App: Recommended

"Bezel, a new app, presents just the solution. It includes a series of curated, insightful shopping guides designed to help you find what you’re looking for. Most importantly, each timepiece is inspected and authenticated by Ryan Chong, a former watch specialist at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, so you can shop with confidence" - Air Mail.

To learn more about the Bezel app, as well as its curated collections and commitment to authenticity, click here.


"The FADER is the definitive voice of music and the lifestyle that surrounds it."

How hip-hop is changing the luxury watch market

"As hip-hop has grown into the dominant musical force in the English-speaking world over the past half-century, its influence on luxury and style has been undeniable — and watches are no exception. From LL Cool J’s Gruen Gold Nugget in the “I’m Bad” video back in 1987 through to Rihanna’s six-figure Jacob & Co. piece at this year’s Super Bowl, watches have served as a reminder of their wearer’s ascents from harsh conditions to higher places."

To learn more about hip-hop's impact on the luxury watch market, click here.

A brief history of luxury watches in hip-hop videos

"he histories of hip-hop, music videos, and luxury watches are as intertwined as the links on a Pearlmaster bracelet. MTV helped expand hip-hop from a regional curiosity to a global phenomenon, and, as the money came in, rappers began purchasing the symbols of wealth that had been reserved for the upper echelons for decades. Today, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fiercely underground iconoclast or a literal rap billionaire: wearing an artisanal timepiece isn’t just a display of wealth, but can be a way of showing your connection to rap culture."

To learn more about the fascinating history of luxury watches in hip-hop videos, click here.

Harper's Bazaar

"Sophisticated, elegant and provocative, Harper's Bazaar is your source for fashion trends straight from the runway, makeup and hair inspiration, chic wedding and travel ideas, plus all of your movie, TV, and pop culture news."

A Simplified Guide to Watch Complications

"Part of the reason why mechanical timepieces have failed to capture the imaginations of many individuals is that watch talk can quickly veer into the nerd realm. But the truth is that watches are often quite technical, in a way most fashion accessories are not. It can feel intimidating to venture into the weeds when you start to look at watches as more than something that sits pretty on your wrist. But I promise, peering beneath the surface only makes them more exciting" - Brynn Wallner.

To learn more about watch complications, and how Bezel aims to demystify the details of watch collecting, click here.

Daily Grail

"Set to bring a bit of enjoyment and enthusiasm back into the luxury industry, Daily Grail was founded with one thing in mind: fun. Never meant to intimidate or discourage, our approach to storytelling is to celebrate rookies, enthusiasts, and experts alike as everyone's excitement is ever-evolving. Honoring a love of art, watches, and craftsmanship, the content created is meant to encourage and grow our privileged passions allowing everyone a seat at the table."

The Daily Grail Questionnaire with Bezel's Quaid Walker

"Part Proust, Part Vogue's 73 Questions, and Part Colbert Questionnaire, Quaid Walker, Bezel's CEO and Co-Founder, answers The Daily Grail Questionnaire" - Daily Grail.

To learn more about Bezel's CEO and Co-Founder Quaid Walker, click here.


"Launched in Switzerland at a time long before the traditional watch industry fully embraced digital communications, Watchonista was founded in 2009 as a progressive digital platform by and for watch collectors and connoisseurs"

Presenting: Watchonista’s 30 Under 30(ish) List

"Watchonista present a list of 30 people under (and sometimes people a little bit older than) 30 who, we think, are changing the face and culture of the watch world for the better" - Watchonista.

To learn more about Ryan Chong - Bezel's Head of Watch Operations - click here.


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How Bezel is Changing the Secondary Market for Watches

"Bezel—the place where you can grab the latest and greatest for authenticated and second-hand watches—makes the whole process more accessible" - Jael Rucker.

To learn more about how Bezel is changing the way luxury watches are bought and sold, click here.


"ONE37pm sees the world through the lens of entrepreneurship—the ambition, the ​empathy, the ​grind. For the curious."

How Bezel is Changing the Secondary Market for Watches

"Backed by powerhouse names such as Steve Aoki, NBA champion Kyle Kuzma, and former NFL star Emmanuel Acho, Bezel is a resource meant for young buyers, as the company individually helps you with watch authentication and the general buying process" - Jael Rucker.

To learn more about Bezel the founder behind the authenticated luxury watch marketplace, click here.

Wristcheck Podcast

"Wrist Check is a weekly podcast hosted by Perri, Ben, and Rashawn -- three friends and watch enthusiasts with a deep appreciation for horology, culture, story, art, and design. The show focuses on new watch releases, industry happenings, and interviews with friends, collectors, and purveyors alike"

Bezel w/ Ryan Chong (EP 48)Wrist Check Podcast

"In this season 7 finale of Wrist Check Pod, the guys catch up with pal Ryan Chong, the Head of Watch Operations for Bezel, and talk the start of his career in watches, how he wounded up in his new role, and what Bezel brings to the market with their technology, community driven events, and authentication measures. Check it out!" - Wristcheck Podcast.

To learn more about Bezel, and Ryan Chong, Bezel's Head of Watch Operations, click here.

LA Inno

"Featuring local news and analysis about Los Angeles' startup and tech ecosystems, LA Inno is your source for local innovation, startup and tech news."

Meet the luxury watch marketplace backed by John Legend and Kevin Hart

"Bezel has more than $100 million in inventory available for purchase, along with a growing community of collectors, Walker said. The inventory includes brands like Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Philippe.
But while the demand for luxury watches is growing the overall industry is dated and intimidating for new collectors,” Walker said" - Deirdre Newman.

To learn more about Bezel's founders, investors, and strategy for revolutionizing the watch market, click here.

Collectability Podcast

"Conversations with engaging and knowledgeable experts on Patek Philippe and the world of watches"

Ryan Chong Talks About Bezel and His Career in Watches

"Ryan Chong's career in the watch industry is relatively short, but he is already making a mark having recently been listed on Watchonista's 30 under 30(ish) as one of the brightest and youngest breaking down barriers and reinventing the industry for the better. Having worked in watch departments at both Christie's and Sotheby's, Ryan is well placed to launch one of the most exciting new platforms in the watch world: Bezel. John Reardon enjoys an informative and fun conversation with his former colleague at Christie's, and learns how Bezel will change the way we buy watches" - Collectibility.

To learn more about Bezel's own Ryan Chong, as well his career in watches to date, click here.


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