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Girls O'Clock's Trang Trinh on the Sentimental Value of Watches

In Bezel's exclusive interview, we sit down to explore Trinh’s introduction to the world of watches, her sentimental approach to collecting, plus the most prized watch in her personal collection.


Team Bezel

October 13, 2023


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Trang Trinh is the founder and driving force behind Girls O’Clock – a social platform devoted to exploring the world of women’s watches in a fresh and youthful way. As a fashion editor by trade, Trinh examines all things horological through an elevated lens, favoring timeless icons and boundary-pushing novelties alike. 

In Bezel's exclusive interview, we sit down to explore Trinh’s introduction to the world of watches, her sentimental approach to collecting, plus the most prized watch in her personal collection.

In Conversation with Trang Trinh

Bezel: How did you get into watches? 

TT: I grew up around mom’s and my grandma’s jewelry so I’ve always been fascinated with beautiful heirlooms and the sentimental stories that come with them. But neither of them owned a single watch so it wasn’t until I began working as a fashion assistant in 2021 that I had the opportunity to try on a myriad of watches that the team would pull for editorial shoots. That was really the light switch flip moment that cemented my passion for watches.

Come 2023, Girls O'Clock came about as a New Year's resolution to carve out time to dive further into the industry I’ve always been fascinated by. I wanted to learn more about watch culture, history, and craftsmanship, specifically from the female gaze, and share my learnings along the way.

Trang's Cartier Baignoire de Cartier, styled with matching yellow gold and diamond bracelets

Bezel: How would you say your background in fashion has helped guide your tastes and perspectives on the watch industry and collecting as a whole? 

TT: I’m a fashion editor by training, so I scrutinize watches in the same way I do fashion: craftsmanship is first admired and revered. But when it comes to collecting, I’m intentional and discerning. Ultimately, how a watch lends itself to my personal style and lifestyle determines how deeply I lust for it. Because I believe beautiful things should be cherished and worn! 

Bezel: What was your first watch, and what’s the story behind it? 

TT: I received a 28mm Cartier Ballon Bleu in stainless steel for my 20th birthday, which I proceeded to wear every day for the following five years—I absolutely loved it and still very much do. 

It reminds me of such a particular time in my life, and there's really nothing like navigating your early twenties. Wearing it made me feel so composed, even when everything else felt otherwise. Also, punctuality has never come to me naturally, so being able to check the time with a quick glance at my wrist has made the world of a difference in my life. 

A selection of watches curated by Trang

Bezel: What about Cartier speaks to you as a collector? 

TT: Simply put, I think Cartier watches are beautiful. To me, the Maison has always been a pioneer in timeless watch design—take the Baignoire, designed in 1912, for example. Elongating a traditionally circular watch face into an oval proved revolutionary. I also love the story behind the Tank, designed in 1917 and inspired by the tanks in World War I. The list of gorgeous, innovative watches goes on… 

Trinh wears the Cartier Tank Française in stainless steel.

Bezel: What’s your favorite watch in your collection? 

TT: Definitely my Cartier Tank Allongée “Mini,” which my Mom generously gifted me for my 25th birthday. She had “Love ♥ you ♥” engraved on its case back, stylized exactly how she texts my sister and me each morning and night. I had started Girls O’Clock that calendar year so the watch was a very special way to celebrate the year ahead. Plus the Mini Tank is set on a red strap, my favorite color.

Bezel: Pieces with sentimental value seem to play a significant role in your collection – why do you favor watches with stories? 

TT:  Life is made up of stories. At the end of the day, a watch is just a watch – it’s the memories that create that unique intimacy, bringing the things we own to life. And I love how every watch in my collection feels like a physical manifestation of a moment in time. 

Bezel: Why do you continue to enjoy collecting watches? 

TT: Like how I can never have enough dresses, there’s always something new to discover in the world of watches—whether it’s new or vintage. 

Sometimes I think the term “watch collecting” is language that’s borrowed from the boys. After all, women are major “collectors” in other luxury spaces—consider the ready-to-wear, jewelry, shoes, and handbag categories. For women, this is simply building a diverse wardrobe. I own different watches to wear with different outfits for different occasions. And it doesn’t hurt that they are all beautiful.

Bezel: Can you share 3 watches in your Wants on Bezel right now? 

TT: This is probably the toughest question of all! Just three...

  1. A yellow gold Bulgari Tubogas Serpenti – to dress up a T-shirt and jeans, of course.
  2. A yellow gold Carolina Bucci Royal Oak – the way the mirrored dial and Bucci’s signature Florentine Finish glimmer in the light is heaven.
  3. A diamond bezel mini Cartier Baignoire on a black strap – for evening, of course.


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