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TimeForArt’s Mojdeh Cutter on Her Introduction to Horology

In Bezel's exclusive interview, we sit down with the arts professional to explore her introduction to the world of watches, her horological aha moment, plus the most prized watch in her personal collection.


Team Bezel

July 28, 2023


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Cobey Arner / Dimepiece

With a background in painting, a Master’s degree in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and 7 years at Swiss Institute, Mojdeh Cutter is an arts professional with a decade of experience in multiple areas of the art world. Through her position as Head of Partnerships at Swiss Institute, Cutter has co-developed TimeForArt, the first-ever benefit watch auction to support contemporary art and artists.

In Bezel's exclusive interview, we sit down with the arts professional to explore her introduction to the world of watches, her horological aha moment, plus the most prized watch in her personal collection.

In Conversation with Mojdeh Cutter

Bezel: How did you get into watches? 

MC: Watches have been part of my life since I was a little girl – whether I accepted it or not. My father and oldest brother, both passionate about watches, were always trying to get me to pay attention to them. I couldn't relate to any of the watches that they were presenting to me, so I ignored them, over and over. 

Bezel:  So what was the turning point that sent you down the rabbit hole? 

MC: In 2021, while working at Swiss Institute, I co-developed TimeForArt – the first-ever benefit watch auction to support contemporary art. In addition to being a fundraising initiative to enable emerging artists, TimeForArt's goal is also to bring the worlds of horology and contemporary art together in a meaningful way. 

Because of, or thanks to TimeForArt, I had to immerse myself in the world of watches. I’m now undoubtedly paying attention, and can no longer ignore this inevitable and looming motif that had been trying to be a part of my life for decades.

A handful of Mojdeh's watches – plus one on the wrist. Photo via Cobey Arner / Dimepiece.

Bezel: What was your first watch and what's the story behind it?

MC: Aside from my many Flik-Flaks, I received my first "real" watch as a wedding gift from my father. He gifted me a Rolex Datejust in late 2020, a mere 2 months before the TimeForArt journey began. I know this is awfully bratty and spoiled of me, but I was almost offended that my dad would buy me a watch, out of all the things – especially a steel watch. Didn't he already know that I didn't care for watches? Did he forget? I immediately thought to myself "well, I guess I'm never wearing this! And I guess my dad doesn't even know me!" 

As the TimeForArt initiative started to take shape, I was having regular meetings with individuals in the watch world and thought I should start wearing my Rolex – not because I particularly loved it, but because I thought I should play the part. 

On Mojdeh’s wrist: her Rolex Datejust Ref. 116200 with a pink Roman numeral dial. Photo via Cobey Arner / Dimepiece.

Bezel: And naturally you grew to become enamored with it?

MC: Absolutely, I really fell in love with it. Eventually, the roman numerals looked charming and nostalgic, and the baby pink dial allowed me to embrace my girly side. Not only is it a forever-reminder of my wedding, but also an eerie omen for what was to come: a new chapter in my life filled with all things watches.

Mojdeh pictured alongside Daily Grail's J.J. Owens.

Bezel: What's your favorite watch in your collection and why?

MC:  Growing up, the one and only watch that had my heart was my mother's Cartier Trinity from the 90s. She kept it in her safe so I would only occasionally get to see it, but I would be completely mesmerized by it each time it would make an appearance; the delicate size, the tricolor metals, the soft spirals, the crescendoing diamonds, the burgundy patent leather bracelet, the pearlescent milky dial. Divine. 

In my eyes, it was, and still is, the absolute definition of elegance. Knowing how much I would fawn over it, my mother generously gifted it to me last year. I am forever grateful that this beauty is now mine and I hope to pass it on if I ever have children.

A gift from her mother – Mojdeh's Cartier Trinity Ref. 2357.

Bezel: Can you share 3 must-have watches listed on Bezel right now?

MC: There’s so much eye-candy to browse through! Here's five:

Rolex Daytona Ref. 116505-0013

I have an obsession with the pink and brown color combination. So visually satisfying.

Chopard Happy Diamonds Ref. 535-1

The heart-shaped case is so sweet and flirty.

Urwerk Hammerhead UR-202S

Simultaneously futuristic and retro.

Piaget Polo Ref. 7131 C 701

Iconic and so 80s.

Cartier Panthère de Cartier Ref. W25022B9

Classic everyday elegance! Can't go wrong.

Bezel: Why do you continue to enjoy collecting watches? 

MC: I’m incredibly lucky to have had the watches in my possession gifted to me by my kind and thoughtful parents. Because the watches I own so far were given to me, I personally don't consider myself to be a watch collector (yet!) – I’ve just been an extremely fortunate recipient. I am however constantly thinking about taking the plunge and buying myself a "big girl" watch. I look forward to the day I make my first purchase, and the story that will be associated with it.

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- Isaac Wingold, Senior Editor


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