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Papergirl's Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor on Expressing Herself with Watches

In Bezel's exclusive interview, we sit down with the creative entrepreneur to explore her introduction to the world of watches, her grandfather’s love for all things mechanical, plus the most prized watch in her personal collection.


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November 2, 2023


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Aram David

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor is a globally influential figure shaped by a bi-coastal and cross-continental upbringing. Known as a fashion muse, she has graced the pages of leading publications and starred in campaigns for renowned brands. Atlanta's creative spirit extends to size-inclusive, sustainable swimwear with her brand, Lushious. She is also the co-founder of Papergirl, an innovative creative and talent agency, marking her dedication to pushing boundaries and making a meaningful impact within the creative sphere.

In Bezel's exclusive interview, we sit down with the creative entrepreneur to explore her introduction to the world of watches, her grandfather’s love for all things mechanical, plus the most prized watch in her personal collection.

In Conversation with Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

Bezel: How did you get into watches?

AT: Watches have always been a part of my life, even if they weren't from luxury brands. I cherished my Baby Gs and thrift shop watches for years! About a year ago, I developed a real passion for watches, thanks to my grandfather's influence. He had a deep appreciation for all things mechanical, whether it was planes, motorcycles, or cars, and watches were no exception. After his passing, I dedicated myself to delving into his interests, which led me to discover my newfound love for timepieces.

Watch collecting is a full family affair for Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor.

Bezel: The collector’s gene has a way of being passed down through generations. What watch do you most closely associate with him / have memories of him wearing? 

AT: My grandfather had an Omega Speedmaster Professional "Meister" powered by the Cal. 321 – I believe it was from the late 60s.

Atlanta's growing watch collection, as seen at her home in New York

Bezel: What was your first watch, and what’s the story behind it? 

AT: Excluding my baby blue Baby G a la Baby Spice, my first real watch was my Cartier Tank Française my dad got me for my 18th birthday. I remember being shocked that my dad actually trusted me enough to take care of such an item, and I felt like such a lady when I put it on.

In fact, I didn't wear it for years because I felt too fancy in it, but I always kept it in my jewelry box, and looked at it often. I knew it would come in handy one day, like when I turned…30.

Cartier's iconic Tank Française shines in brilliant 18k yellow gold.

Bezel: Sometimes you’ve gotta grow things. Are there any other watches you’ve considered in the past but don’t feel ready for just yet? 

AT: Aesthetically, I think I could handle almost anything but in terms of my knowledge about watches I prefer to only wear pieces I understand. Therefore, I’d probably steer clear of anything with a tourbillon or moon phase for example, just because I’d totally feel like a poser if I wore one. Let’s be honest, I really have no use for any of those features nor do I truly understand the intricacies of them. I probably would also steer clear of some of the “big boy” brands like Breguet or A. Lange & Söhne. I’m not ready for those just yet!

Atlanta wears a vintage Rolex Datejust, executed in two-tone steel and gold.

Bezel: What’s your favorite watch in your collection and why?  

AT: I would have to say my 1981 Rolex Datejust that my fiancé bought me for my 30th birthday. As with everything we do, there had to be a touch of humor in it so it actually has a small Mickey Mouse on the dial. It doesn’t take itself too seriously which I love. So many awesome people have worn Mickey Mouse watches, and it felt like a graduation from my very, VERY beat up Mickey watch I’d been wearing prior.

A birthday gift from her fiancé: a vintage Rolex Datejust featuring a custom Mickey Mouse emblazoned dial.

Bezel: We’re definitely seeing more lighthearted leaning designs from top brands as of late – why do you think watchmakers are growing increasingly inclined to mix high and low?

AT: Call me jaded and cynical, but I have a feeling it all comes down to marketing. Brands seem to recognize that we live in an “Instagrammable” world, where aesthetics are paramount. That being said, I’m honestly not particularly interested in modern watches, I’m more of a vintage girl.

On Atlanta's wrist: a 34 mm Rolex Air King Ref. 14000, featuring a blue sunburst dial.

Bezel: Can you share 5 must-have watches listed on Bezel right now?

AT:  Absolutely.

Rolex Explorer 1 Ref. 14270

Rolex Day-Date “Burl Wood Dial” Ref. 18038

Bulgari BVLGARI Tubogas “Tri-Tone” Ref. BB191T

Patek Philippe Nautilus "Boys Size" Ref. 3900/1A

Piaget Polo Ref. 8131 C701

At home in New York, Atlanta wears a Cartier Tank Française in 18k yellow gold.

Bezel: Why do you continue to enjoy collecting watches? 

AT: I can already see my relationship with watches being a long-term one –  I still have so much to learn and that excites me. With vintage watches, I love that there's a story behind each one, and that they were owned, worn, and loved by someone else. It feels like I have a little piece of history on my wrist. Equally, I love how various watches complement different outfits and styles, which is an important aspect of my personal expression! It’s the perfect blend of historical significance and a reflection of one’s unique style. Plus, I definitely feel like it’s a meaningful way of honoring my grandfather and staying connected to my roots and heritage. 

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