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This Week's Best: Summer Watches

Summer is one of our favorite seasons for watches. While dress watches and thin, complicated pieces rule the colder months, it’s time to break out the sport watches when summer rolls around.


Noah Williams

July 19, 2022


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Summer is one of our favorite seasons for watches. While dress watches and thin, complicated pieces rule the colder months, it’s time to break out the sport watches when summer rolls around. With spontaneous summer trips and unplanned dives into pools, you need a piece ready for any adventure that won’t hold you back. So what makes a great summer watch? Let’s discuss.

What Is a Summer Watch? 

Three characteristics make up a great summer watch. The first is water resistance. While information can range widely and terminology can change, generally speaking, 100 meters of water resistance is the minimum you want for a watch that will be frequently worn in the pool or any body of water. Ideally, 200 meters and above is best; even though most people won’t go more than a few feet underwater, the motion of diving or moving your wrist quickly underwater dramatically increases the pressure on the case. 

Rolex tests their dive watches in a high performance tank to ensure water resistance at extreme depths – Photo via Rolex

While some say watches with 50 meters of water resistance are fine for swimming, we prefer to stay on the safe side. Another feature ideal for watches worn in the water is a screw-down crown, and if it’s a chronograph, screw-down pushers. While this doesn’t necessarily improve water resistance, it helps ensure these points are secured in a locked position.

The second thing that makes a great summer watch is color. Whether you are looking to spice up an ensemble or simply looking to have some fun, brightly colored dials and case materials help add a dash of intrigue to your wrist. Red dials, orange straps, or brightly colored ceramic cases simply make watches more fun.

Lastly, we love a great rubber strap or a metal bracelet with micro-adjustment capability in a summer watch. Both options are ideal for comfort when your wrist expands and contracts throughout the day with the heat. In the case of rubber straps, the ability to quickly change them out also allows options to better match your outfit.

With that being said, here are a few of our favorite summer watches.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Ref. 15720ST.OO.A027CA.0

While the bracelet is typically one of the defining features of the Royal Oak Line, the Offshore collection offers some of the most comfortable rubber straps in the industry. Pair that with the quick-release technology built into the case, and you have a watch that will look great with dozens of straps. With 300-meters of water resistance, it is a killer luxury dive watch with some serious watchmaking heritage.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze Ref. M79012M-0001

Tudor offers some of the most fun designs, with true watchmaking history in the industry. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight in bronze is the perfect example of that marriage. With a full bronze case and bracelet, this watch offers a unique feature – it will develop patina and show its age within a few months. Similar to vintage watches, but far accelerated, the bronze will take on a beautiful hue as it’s exposed to the elements. The best part? You can easily have it cleaned to remove that patina at any time, making the watch look brand new once again.


Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce Ref. 5267/200A-010

Picture this, you’re in the south of France for the summer. You look down at your wrist to check the time before heading back to your villa. What is on your wrist? This watch, the Aquanaut Luce. The diamond bezel plays in the light with an unmatched beauty. The white strap and dial complement the steel case. This is the perfect watch for someone who doesn’t want to take their watch off for the entire summer. It looks just as stunning poolside as it does paired with your favorite summer outfits.


Rolex Yachtmaster 37 Ref. 268622

If you are a lover of the classics with a twist, this Rolex Yachtmaster in 37 mm is the piece for you. The traditional Oyster case is slightly scaled down to 37 mm for smaller wrists, but the watch still has a robust look and feel. The platinum bezel and rhodium dial perfectly highlight the light blue seconds-hand and “Yachtmaster” text on the dial. For those who enjoy watches like the Submariner but want to stand out, the Yachtmaster deviates from the traditional black dial and bezel combo to provide more visual interest. Thanks to the 100 meter water resistance rating, this can easily accompany you from the pool to the cocktail party with no issues whatsoever.


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