Actually authentic

Everything you buy on Bezel ships to our in-house watch experts first for a thorough authentication

We believe that in order to truly guarantee authenticity, we need to get our hands on the watch

Everything you buy ships to us first

Hands-on evaluation

Movement inspection

Full watch inspection

Accessory inspection

Timing and pressure tests

Comparison against listing

Anti-theft reports

Genuine factory parts and construction

We check to make sure all parts are from the factory with the reference number correctly corresponding to the entire watch configuration, including: case material, dial, bracelet or strap, movement, and any other part of the watch that we deem applicable

How it works

Period correctness and provenance

All parts of the watch including: case, dial, hands, movement, bracelet, and clasp - unless otherwise noted in the listing - are from the correct time period listed and are original, genuine parts. Service or replacement parts from the original manufacture (service dials, hands, bezel inserts, cases, movements, etc) may be included if noted as part of the condition description at point of purchase

All aspects consistent with the watch’s listing

We make sure the watch exactly matches the purchase description. This includes: reference, condition, accessories, and manufacture year.


Hear from our authenticators

Ryan Chong
Authenticator | Ex-Sotheby’s, Ex-Christie’s
“Our team and robust process is uniquely positioned to authenticate pre-owned watches. We take great pride in going above and beyond to stand by every watch that passes through our hands.”
Vince De La Cerna
Authenticator | Ex-Christie’s
“In a market where scholarship and knowledge is segmented, bridging the gap between product and consumer is absolutely essential in educating new and current collectors.”


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