Authenticating Luxury Watches: Bezel's Multi-Point Approach

Rest assured, Bezel prioritizes your peace of mind and confidence in your purchase. That’s why every watch purchased on Bezel stops by our facilities on its way to the buyer for a thorough authentication carried out by our team of in-house experts, who meticulously inspect and certify your watch-to-be. Once complete, the authenticated watch is then overnighted directly to you to be enjoyed for years to come.

This thorough, hands-on approach ensures that you always receive an authentic watch that is exactly as it was described at the point of purchase.

Bezel's pillars of authentication

Digital Review + Physical Authentication

Safeguarding buyers while optimizing the quality of watches available on the platform, Bezel’s authenticators begin by digitally vetting and verifying every listing prior to publishing to minimize the potential for transacting upon counterfeits and pieces offered in a state of condition inconsistent with the seller’s description. Once a watch is transacted upon, it’s then shipped to Bezel, where it undergoes a multi-point authentication process.

Industry-Leading Standards

Guided by a superlative definition of authenticity, Bezel scrutinizes every last detail of each watch sold to an unprecedented degree, dutifully protecting buyers from fraudulent forgeries and stolen property subject to seizure while also ensuring proper functionality commensurate with age.

In-House Authentication

Third-party authenticators are simply no match for Bezel’s carefully assembled team of in-house experts and specialists–each hailing from the watch industry’s most prestigious institutions and endlessly dedicated to protecting your collection from counterfeits.

Total Transparency

From the acquisition process to post-sale service, Bezel’s Concierge team of private client advisors keeps you continually updated with integrity and candor, helping guide your watch-collecting journey in a frictionless fashion.


Authentication Defined

Bezel’s industry-leading authentication process is guided by an unwavering definition of authenticity. For a watch to be deemed authentic, every last component must be genuine and correctly correspond to the reference in question, ensuring its ability to be returned to the original manufacturer for servicing. This same standard also applies to any accessories included with the watch.

Bezel’s watch authentication process

Pre-listing digital review

Originality & period correctness

Listing consistency


Loss registry check


Pre-listing digital review

Our authentication process begins before listings are even published. By vetting every last watch before it goes live to maximize the listing quality for authenticity and description accuracy, we’re pleased to offer the ultimate watch-buying experience, affording access to only the best.

How it works

Originality & period correctness

The process continues with a close examination of each component, ensuring your latest acquisition is comprised entirely of genuine parts, each correctly corresponding with the individual reference, serial number, and production period in question. Guided by decades of experience at the industry’s most respected institutions, our in-house experts leave no stone unturned.

Listing Consistency

It doesn’t stop at authentication alone–every watch sold on Bezel is closely inspected to ensure its condition is consistent with its depiction and description in the original listing. In the event of any discrepancies, we’ll reach out to communicate the present condition in detail.


Once we receive your chosen watch, we begin our inspection by comprehensively assessing its functionality using a series of tests. We ensure that all watches still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty keep time and resist water according to factory specifications. Any deviation from factory specification is only permitted on watches no longer covered by their original warranties, albeit within reason. We invite you to refer to the table below for a comprehensive breakdown of Bezel’s specific accuracy and water resistance standards.

Loss Registry Check

Unknowingly purchasing a stolen watch can prove to be an expensive mistake. Not convinced? Consider how stolen goods are subject to seizure without compensation by law enforcement. That’s why Bezel runs each watch sold against a loss registry, guaranteeing your post-purchase safety.


Hear from our authenticators

Ryan Chong
Authenticator | Ex-Sotheby’s, Ex-Christie’s
“Our team and robust process is uniquely positioned to authenticate pre-owned watches. We take great pride in going above and beyond to stand by every watch that passes through our hands.”
Vince De La Cerna
Authenticator | Ex-Christie’s
“In a market where scholarship and knowledge is segmented, bridging the gap between product and consumer is absolutely essential in educating new and current collectors.”


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